heat stress

Heat Stress Facts

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Department of Health, and the University of Michigan, employees required to work in high temperature environments should be allowed to take frequent breaks in a cool place. “High Temperature Work Environments” are generally referred to as the following: …

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respirator filters

Proper Storage of Filters and Cartridges

When filters or chemical cartridges are left in the open air with contaminants present in the air, the service life of the filters or cartridges can be compromised. Particulate contaminants can build up on the surface of the filter or adversely affect the electrostatic charge in the filter if so designed. Cartridges may also absorb …

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fall prevention

Factors to Consider in Fall Protection & OH&SA- Employers General Responsibilities

All aisles and walkways should be kept free of clutter and debris. Oil spills and other slippery materials should be cleaned up immediately. Areas that are slippery because of the continuous use of water–common in the floriculture industry–should be off-limits as general traffic areas and restricted to those workers who must perform their duties in …

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Hazardous Noise: How to Implement an Effective Hearing Conservation Program

Noise is one of the most common workplace hazards. Workers in many industries and occupations in Canada are exposed to noise levels that are so high that their hearing can be damaged. This article describes what employers and workers can do to prevent work related noise induced hearing loss according to hearing protection legislation and the CSA guidelines.


Protecting You Fall & Winter

Not only will Sqwincher continue to protect workers from heat stress and fatigue related injuries during the summer months but will also provide protection from “COLD WEATHER STRESS AND FATIGUE RELATED INJURIES AS WELL! The following information will provide the details to support the continued use of Sqwincher during the Fall & Winter. Hot Factory …

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