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Slice®: We Know How To Cut™

BoxCutters & Scissors


Why Slice Safety Knives?

Over half the Fortune 1000 trust Slice® tools to reduce injuries and lower costs. Why? Because Slice brings safety to ceramic cutters. The technology for advanced ceramics has existed for years but Slice is the first company to harness its advantages and innovate a new breed of safety knives. We developed a blade-manufacturing process that creates an effective, durable, and finger-friendly® edge that’s not available in any other ceramic cutter.

When industrial safety managers first encounter our products, they try to compare them with existing safety knives, but Slice tools are in a class of their own. While other manufacturers redesigned their knife handles for safety, we're the only company that redesigned the blade itself.

Slice tools are more ergonomic and last, on average, 11.2 times longer than metal blades. Our proprietary manufacturing process creates blades that are safe to the touch but still move through materials smoothly and with less effort.

Slice® blades are manufactured to be safer than any traditional blades, metal or ceramic. We have a patent-pending technology that we call finger-friendly®.

Another factor that affects blade safety is sharpness. Traditional blades, be they metal or ceramic, are most dangerous when they are too sharp or too dull. Metal blades dull quickly, so their manufacturers ship them much sharper than necessary. Traditional ceramic blades mimic this dangerous design.

This level of sharpness is effectively an invitation for accidental skin cuts. After very few uses, metal blades dull to a safer sharpness level. They then continue to dull rapidly and soon are too dull to cut materials easily. That's when they become even more dangerous because users must exert more force to cut materials, which increases the risk of a slip and accidental cut: while the blades may be dull, they’re still sharp enough to cut you.

Ceramic is harder, so traditional ceramic blades (which mimic the initial sharpness of metal blades) start overly sharp and stay overly sharp longer, making them extremely dangerous.

Slice safety blades dull very slowly. As such, they don't need to be so sharp out of the box: they’re finger-friendly®. That is, the blade edge is safe enough to touch


Slice® • Why Slice Blades Are Safer Than Traditional Blades

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