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Comfort-air®Nˣ Series
NIOSH Approved Reusable Elastomeric N95/ P100 Respirators

Superior Protection, Greater Comfort, Environmentally Sustainable

With two-way filtration when breathing in and out, the Comfort-Air®Nx, an elastomeric NIOSH approved respirator WITHOUT an exhalation valve, provides better fit and an air-tight seal for all face shapes and sizes.
The N95 and P100 filters can be disinfected, are reusable for one year (use dependent), contributing to 95% waste reduction and 90% cost savings versus disposable respirators.

Stay Safe, Stay Sustainable: Never Use A Disposable N95 Respirator Again!

Sustainability Champions

When the CDC recommended against the use of Respirators with Exhalation Valves we designed the Comfort-AirNx® Respirator (Nx: No Exhalation Valve).  The Comfort-AirNx® Respirator is approved by Health Canada, recommended by the Ontario Dental Association, endorsed by The Canadian Coalition of Green Healthcare, and is completely sourced and manufactured in North America (Lenexa, KS), eliminating dependency on foreign suppliers.

Comfort-air®Nₓ Respirators

elastomeric respirator

Awarded GOLD status for outstanding product development achievement in the respiratory category by the OH&S+ Industrial Hygiene Awards.

According to the CDC Guidelines on Reusable Elastomeric Respirators in Healthcare, the Comfort-air®Nₓ Series Respirator Filter can last up to a year when disinfected in accordance with the guidelines. Less waste, Less cost.



Made for Medical Professionals,
Designed by the Safety Specialists

Comfort-Air®Nx Series respirators can be used in healthcare and front line applications as well as general industry or wherever a group of workers have to work in close proximity.  In the current Pandemic climate, from teachers to grocery store employees, anywhere you are near others you should be wearing an N95 respirator. We can keep businesses open and the economy going by using this strategy of making high grade respiratory protection a priority.

  • 100% of our materials are sourced and manufactured in our plant in Kansas.

Two-way filtration for breathing in and out.  Disposable respirators have failure rates of 20 – 50% when conducting quantitative fit testing.

  • Internal temperature recordings inside the mask are 2° C cooler than wearing a disposable respirator including a surgical style mask. Say goodbye to face rash and mask acne!
  • NIOSH sizing protocols drastically underrepresent women and Asian face shapes and sizes for FFR’s.  Therefore, we designed our Elastomeric Comfort-AirNx® Respirator in two sizes to provide a better fit/ seal qualities for all face shapes and sizes.
  • The N95 and P100 filter housing can be disinfected and therefor the filter can be reused.  An Ontario based hospital purchased our reusable respirator solution in April 2020 and changed out the N95 filters in January 2021 for the FIRST TIME.  Our reusable respirator will reduce consumption by hundreds of thousands and millions of units annually depending on the number of users versus disposable respirators.
  • With less consumption comes less cost which makes our product so much more sustainable than disposables. Our Comfort-AirNx® reusable respirator will reduce landfill waste by millions of pounds annually.  It will also reduce incineration costs for those that dispose of the mask and help reduce carbon emissions.

A Safer & Healthier Solution
for the Planet and Your Bottom line!

The FDA now mandates that Medical & Healthcare Professionals are required to dispose of FFR’s after each patient interaction. If just one Healthcare Professional sees a minimum of 5 patients a day, that’s 5disposable respirators a day that get tossed in the waste after each use . Now think about all the staff in a Dental Clinic, Medical Lab or in a Hospital that require N95’s and that number quickly multiplies.

Do the Math!

The costs associated with disposable respirators VS the price of just 1 Comfort-Air®Nx Series Reusable
Respirator piles up just as quickly and high as the amount of N95 waste being sent to landfill. Not to mention
your waste hauling fees.

Don't take our word for it!
Check out what customers are saying about our respirators.

See The Impact of Disposable Respirators Infograph

Disposable Masks go to landfill every minute

Disposable Masks Going To Landfill Globally

Disposable Masks Have Entered the Ocean
Years for Disposable Masks to Biodegrate


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