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Levitt-Safety IndyCar Fire Protection Team Keeps Cool

Thank you to Dentec Safety for providing our team with Thermocool and Sqwincher products. Our team loves them! Levitt-Safety IndyCar Fire Protection Team

The Two Biggest Benefits of the Comfort-Air®Nx in is the Cost Savings AND the Sustainability Aspect

“I purchased my mask for $30 and the filters last me 6 months before I must replace them. The ROI is worth it when you start doing the math of 5 surgeries a week. But for me the cherry on top is the waste reduction and that I am no longer sending all this waste (masks) to landfill.” -Dr. Lloyd Hoffman

Great Product

“The Comfort-Air®Nx fits well and easy to breathe in and doesn’t get too wet even without the valve. I really like the black. Also my speech is very clear with it on. Great product, thanks will definitely recommend!” -Jonah Small

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