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What is Sqwincher?

Sqwincher, the Activity Drink, is a great tasting, scientifically formulated electrolyte replacement drink designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress. Sqwincher is more satisfying than water or soft drinks because the body absorbs it more quickly and it restores the depleted body to its proper electrolyte and fluid balance. Sqwincher, the Activity Drink, is the natural recovery source for dehydration.

Sqwincher has served industrial workers since 1975. It’s the only electrolyte replacement drink specially created for the high heat-stress environment of the workplace. What’s more, Sqwincher has a solid track record of successes directed against heat stress among industrial workers. And since many workers say they like the taste of Sqwincher better than other popular sports drinks, they’re more likely to use Sqwincher on a regular basis and protect themselves and your company against heat stress injury or accidents.

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Spend Pennies, Save Thousands. The Odds Are In Your Favour.

During the last two decades, plant managers, safety directors, plant nurses and industrial hygienists have relied on Sqwincher to protect workers in heat environments and help protect their operations against high disability costs, lost time and lowered productivity. For an average cost of less than a penny per ounce*, you can provide your workers with an electrolyte replacement drink program that is easy to administer and highly effective. With Sqwincher as part of your safety program, the odds are in your favour.

...So Are The Options.

Sqwincher offers a wide variety of dispensing options, such as ready-to-drink, liquid and powder concentrates and package sizes – plus several, great-tasting flavours. Talk to your Sqwincher distributor about the size of your department and the heat stress demands your workers face. Your distributor can recommend which Sqwincher package and a dispensing option will be most effective in your environment.

In industrial heat-stress environments, the body cools itself by perspiring. When this occurs, much more is lost than just water; magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also depleted. These minerals, or "electrolytes," are crucial to workers if they are to maintain healthy muscles and a productive energy level. Without electrolytes, workers become dehydrated and heat stress - or more serious injury - can be imminent. It's proven that water alone cannot sufficiently replace electrolytes to prevent heat stress. Pure water is absorbed slowly and cannot be retained in the extracellular cavity. The rate of absorption of Sqwincher as compared with water is 98% faster in the first minute.


Can other products created for a sports environment, where people are active for short periods on random days, be expected to perform in an industrial environment where workers are active up to eight hours a day, five days a week? Why take a chance? With 50 percent less sodium and approximately 50 percent more potassium than most sports drinks used in the industry, Sqwincher gives workers one of the most effective electrolyte replacement drinks available.

Sqwincher simply tastes great. Better taste assures acceptance. When workers drink Sqwincher, they are not just fighting thirst, they are restoring the electrolytes their body needs to replenish and maintain a productive and balanced energy level. Sqwincher supplies energy to tired muscles through a scientific balance of carbohydrates-the fuel the body runs on.


In a study, workers consumed significantly greater quantities of Sqwincher than water. Palatability tests indicated that workers found Sqwincher to be significantly more pleasurable as a carbohydrate-electrolyte fluid replacement. As a fluid replacement while working, and as a pre-and post-work refreshment beverage, Sqwincher was overwhelmingly selected as the beverage of choice over four other commercially available carbohydrate beverages.


Sqwincher is very useful in promoting fluid ingestion and also promotes weight maintenance when workers are exposed to elevated temperatures that induce high sweat rates.

Technically, electrolytes are minerals (magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium) that are lost through perspiration or other forms of dehydration, particularly in heat stress situations. Under ideal conditions, electrolytes flow through muscle cells to keep them functioning normally. Perspiration depletes cells of fluids and weakens the muscle tissue. Within seconds of drinking SQWINCHER, the electrolytes are put back where they belong. And in the process, energy is back where it belongs.


Water is the largest single component in the body and serves as a vehicle for electrolytes because body fluid composition is largely water. Electrolytes are those substances or compounds which, when dissolved in water, dissociate into positively and negatively charged ions. Optimum nerve reaction and muscular activity are dependent on the proper exchange of these ions outside and inside cells. Electrolytes can be simple inorganic salts of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium or complex organic molecules. These minerals are lost through perspiration or other forms of dehydration, particularly in heat stress situations. Loss of body fluid means what it says; loss of water.


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