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Factors to Consider in Fall Protection & OH&SA- Employers General Responsibilities

Factors to consider with fall protection

  1. All aisles and walkways should be kept free of clutter and debris.
  2. Oil spills and other slippery materials should be cleaned up immediately.
  3. Areas that are slippery because of the continuous use of water–common in the floriculture industry–should be off-limits as general traffic areas and restricted to those workers who must perform their duties in that area.
  4. Workers should put tools away when they are no longer needed.
  5. Sand and/or salt should be spread on icy surfaces if work has to be done in the vicinity. If the weather is particularly bad, consider putting the job off until conditions improve.
  6. Workers should wear safety footwear, appropriate for the work being done, to prevent slipping and falling on walking surfaces.

OH&SA- Employers General Responsibilities

  1. The employer shall provide information, instruction and supervision to protect the safety of workers who may be injured by falling:
    1. from a height within a structure;
    2. from a ladder;
    3. through openings in a work surface;
    4. while working on a level surface; or
    5. while working on and around machinery.

  2. The employer, supervisor and workers should keep work surfaces clear of slip and trip hazards to the greatest extent possible.

  3. Workers should:
    1. follow the instruction and training provided by the employer;
    2. learn to recognize potential slip and trip hazards;
    3. report to their supervisor, anything they feel could be a threat to sound footing.

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