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safety glasses Eye & Face Protection

How to Choose the Best Safety Glasses for the Job

With over 1,000 eye injuries every day in North American workplaces, it is critically important to choose the best safety glasses for the job. Find out how!

Dentec stocking stuffers Slice Cutting Tools

Dentecs Safety’s Stocking Stuffers: Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last-minute stocking stuffer ideas? Whether you’re shopping for a safety professional or not, we’ve got you covered for some simple items you can slip into that special someone’s stocking that they can use to stay safe on the job, recreationally and at home.

CSA First Aid Kits First Aid


The CSA Z1220 Standard establishes the minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits. Find out what you need to know and more.

Cooper University Hospital COVID-19

Cooper University Hospital: A Case Study on Elastomeric Respirators for Healthcare Workers

In 2022, Cooper University Hospital trialed Dentec’s Comfort-Air®NxMD elastomeric respirator for their healthcare workers and upon review, seek to move to it exclusively. Learn why Cooper’s top Doctor and staff prefer this American Made, reusable respirator.

Advantages of Elastomeric Respirators Respiratory Protection

The Advantages of Elastomeric Respirators and Why They Are Important

Have questions about elastomeric respirators? We have the answers. We break down everything you need to know about these reusable respirators.

Comfortable n95 mask Respiratory Protection

Finding the Most Comfortable N95 Mask: Everything You Need to Know

Whether respiratory protection is critical PPE for your job function or if you are looking for personal use, comfort is king.  Here’s what you need to know about finding a comfortable n95 mask, the difference between respirators and how to ensure an air-tight seal.

eyewash stations Emergency Eyewash

Emergency Eyewash Stations: Portable VS. Plumbed

As per the ANSI Z358.1 Guidelines Emergency Eyewash stations need to be located within a 10 second walk or 55 feet of where you are working with chemicals.  Here’s everything you need to know about portable vs plumbed emergency eyewash stations and t advantages to each.

Should you put on sunscreen or bug repellent first? Skin Protection

Should You Put On Sunscreen or Bug Repellent First?

You may be wondering if a sunscreen/ bug repellent combo product exists, however here’s what you need to know about the underlying issue of combining sunscreen and insect repellent.

Ticks, tick bites, and tick removal First Aid

Ticks, Tick Bites & Tick Removal: How to Protect Yourself This Summer

Several factors have led to a population increase of ticks throughout North America. Here’s everything you need to know about the risks associated with Tick Bites and how to protect yourself this summer.

Personal Protection for Fire Services Burn Treatments

Personal Protection for Fire Services

Whether you live near a high-risk zone, are apart of wildland fire services, or work/ participate in fire clean-up, effective personal protective equipment is critical to have on hand to ensure you/ your employee’s safety and reduce risk of injury or serious illness. Stay safe this season with Dentec’s Checklist of priority PPE products to have on hand to reduce risks and injuries associated with wild land fires.

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heat stress

HeatStress Video

emergency eyewash Emergency Eyewash

Gravity Flow Emergency Eyewash Station

Slice Auto Retractable Knife Slice Cutting Tools

Slice Auto Retractable Knife

Slice Utility Knife Slice Cutting Tools

Slice Utility Knife

Slice scrapers Slice Cutting Tools

Slice Scrapers

slice cutting tools Slice Cutting Tools

Slice Auto Retractable Cutting Tools

N95 COVID-19

Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu Reviews Dentec Safety’s Comfort-Air®Nx N95 Reusable Respirators


How to Fit Test the Comfort-Air®Nx Elastomeric N95 Respirator

Comfort-AirNx COVID-19

Quick Hack to Fit Test the Comfort-Air®Nx Respirator

comfort-airNx COVID-19

How to Don and Doff the Comfort-AirNx® Elastomeric Respirator

ICETRED ICETRED™ Traction Devices

ICETRED™ Traction Devices Brochure

safety glasses Eye & Face Protection

How to Choose the Right Eye Protection For the Job

CSA First Aid Kit First Aid

DENTEC SAFETY CSA Alberta First Aid Kit Conversion Chart

ICETRED Traction Devices French Resources


ICETRED Traction Devices French Resources


ICETRED Traction Devices French Resources


ICETRED Traction Devices French Resources


Thermo-Heat Liners French Resources

FRENCH DENTEC Thermo-Heat Winter Liners


FRENCH Respirator Selection Guide French Resources

DENTEC FRENCH Respirator Selection

The difference between n95 and p100 filters COVID-19

The Difference Between N95 and P100 Filters

Throughout the pandemic, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “which type of respirator is right for me and what will best protect me and my family from the virus?” Having an introductory amount of knowledge about filters and how they are classified goes a long way in helping to choose the right level of protection.

Care instructions for Comfort-Air respirators Resources

Maintenance & Care Instructions For Comfort-Air® Respirators

Taking care of a respirator is very important as it will not only extend the life of the product but also ensure you are wearing a clean and disinfected respirator ever time.

Heat stress facts Employer's Responsibilities

Heat Stress Facts

According to the Occupational Safety …

Proper storage of filters and cartridges Resources

Proper Storage of Filters and Cartridges

When filters or chemical cartridges …

Calculating fall clearance distance Fall Protection

Fall Calculations

Personal Fall Arrest System Anchorage …

Fall protection sizing guide Fall Protection

Fall Protection Sizing Guide & Symbols

Proper fit is critical for personal safety & working comfort. The charts below specify how to
measure your body for the correct fit of Fall Protection equipment.

Factors to consider with fall protection Employer's Responsibilities

Factors to Consider in Fall Protection & OH&SA- Employers General Responsibilities

All aisles and walkways should …

Hazardous noise Hearing Protection

Hazardous Noise: How to Implement an Effective Hearing Conservation Program

Noise is one of the most common workplace hazards. Workers in many industries and occupations in Canada are exposed to noise levels that are so high that their hearing can be damaged. This article describes what employers and workers can do to prevent work related noise induced hearing loss according to hearing protection legislation and the CSA guidelines.

How to work safely in the sun Heat Stress

How To Work Safely In The Sun

Workers face risks every workday when they operate heavy equipment in construction, work outside on electrical lines and work in construction trades among the many other outdoor work environments. Yet one of the most consistent and dangerous occupational exposures that threatens outdoor workers’ health goes largely unrecognized – the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

Hydration protection for the fall and winter Health & Safety Standards

Protecting You Fall & Winter

Not only will Sqwincher continue …

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