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Dentecs Safety’s Stocking Stuffers: Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last-minute stocking stuffer ideas? Whether you're shopping for a safety professional or not, we've got you covered for some simple items you can slip into that special someone's stocking that they can use to stay safe on the job, recreationally and at home.
Dentec stocking stuffers

Looking for some last-minute stocking stuffer ideas? Santa’s great at remembering to bring those practical items like socks and undies, but the practicality of our safety suggestions for industrial and recreational applications will get those Christmas morning smiles. Whether you’re shopping for a safety professional or not, we’ve got you covered for some simple items you can slip into that special someone’s stocking that they can use to stay safe on the job, recreationally and at home.


Safety Cutters


Slice Safety Cutter


Pocket knives usually make the list on any “Holiday Gift Guide” but get outside of the box and explore ceramic blade cutting tools this year. Let’s cut to the chase. You need a cutting tool that’s quick, easy, and safe. Articles, coupons, art projects, scrapbooking, plastic packaging, taped boxes designed to keep out Houdini – don’t grab scissors or some other weapon of mass destruction. Instead, keep slice® Safety Cutter handy with its high ceramic-blade that’s almost as hard as diamonds. You may find it just as valuable as you slice through projects with ease and keep your fingers safe and sound.


Oh yeah, that recessed ceramic blade lasts longer than steel and never rusts. Ever! Add a built-in magnet and keyring hole, and it’s two thumbs up for the slice® Safety CutterSimple.


From Auto-retractable Mini-Cutters to the EDC Pocket Knife, Dentec carries a range of slice® safe cutting tools for any adult on your list.


Polarized Safety Glasses



Got an avid hunter, adventurer, or biker in the family? Then consider an easy win with a pair of polarized safety glasses. Polarized safety glasses like the Hartley™, offer crisp, clear and distortion-free visibility all while meeting safety requirement standards to protect from projectiles and impact while at play or at work. Exceptional comfort and fitting capabilities with a great look. Rubberized temple arms wrap gently around the back of the head behind the ear providing a comfortable fit and ensures glasses stay in position. 6 base curved dual lens, vented temple arms, & fully adjustable soft silicone rubber nose pad with molded traction grips. A perfect fit for all users!


Tick Kits


tick kit


Hikers, campers and any outdoor enthusiast will be familiar with the risk of ticks and many of us have heard of or know someone that has been seriously affected by a tick bite. The greatest risk of acquiring Lyme disease occurs where populations of ticks that carry the bacteria (B. burgdorferi) that causes Lyme disease, have become established. The risk of getting a tick bite starts when the weather warms up in the spring, through until the fall. Ticks can also be active in the winter if the winter is mild and there is not much snow. However, the greatest risk occurs during the spring and summer months.


Blacklegged ticks are most often found in forests, wooded areas, shrubs, tall grass, and leaf piles. Because tick populations are spreading, it is possible to be bitten outside of these areas.


Proper tick removal is the key and Dentec’s series of Tick Removal kits to protect against this potentially harmful disease are ideal to have on hand for any camping, hunting or hiking trip. Children are especially susceptible to being bitten by ticks when playing on grass outside, so a tick removal kit should be a First-Aid staple for any home.


First-Aid Kits


CSA First Aid Kits


Speaking of first aid, do you have an updated CSA First-Aid kit for your home, car or office? If not, give the gift of comfort knowing you have a CSA approved and properly equipped First-Aid kit nearby for any immediate emergency.


Manufactured and assembled in Ontario, Canada, Dentec offers regulation and/ or custom kits personalized to your requirements and needs. Check out our full offering of First Aid Kits & Medical Supplies here.




Burnshield Hydrogel


When we think of burns we think of fires but there are many different types of burns: thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, friction burns and radiation burns. But burns can happen any place and anytime. A burn may only take a second to occur but a lifetime to heal if treated incorrectly and with delay. That’s why we strongly recommend keeping Burnshield® products on hand and nearby. This year toss some Burnshield® Hydrogels or dressings into a loved one’s stocking. Suitable for the treatment of Sun Burns, Superficial/ Partial thickness burns and difficult to get to areas Burnshield® Hydrogels help prevent infection and the high water content in the gel promotes rapid cooling relief and minimizes skin damage. Good to have on hand in the kitchen, on an island vacation or on an industrial job site, Burnshield® products cool the burn immediately.


Sun Protective Lip Balm


Dentec Sunscreen


Whether that special someone spends a lot of time outdoors for work or for pleasure, skin protection against sun protection is a must. Grab a bunch of Dentec’s Sunscreen Lip balms to toss into every family member’s stocking to moisturize and protect against sun, wind & cold exposure this winter season. Great to grab and go into your winter coat pocket whether you’re out on the job or out hitting the slopes.


Hand Sanitizer


X3 Hand Sanitizer


COVID-19 has made proper a hand washing and sanitation a priority everywhere you go. And we are all too familiar with the runny, gross, alcohol-based liquids at most store entrances. After 2 years of the pandemic, our hands are cracked, sore and dry from the overuse of these types of hand sanitizers So an effective and alcohol-free hand sanitizers like X3 Clean™ are 2021’s most practical toiletry for every family member’s stocking. X3 Clean™ kills 99% of germs that cause disease, and the gentle, fragrance-free foaming formula leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized and without residue and will not dry or irritate skin. Containing 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride, X3 Clean™ is a safe and effective hand sanitizer.


For less than a penny per pump your students, teachers, employees, customers, and patients are protected from harmful germs. Perfect for any environment: Education, Health Care, Day Care, Food Service, Banking, Workplace, Government, Corrections, Emergency Services, Airline, Travel, Spa and more.


X3 Clean™ uses only the most advanced pharmaceutical grade antimicrobial ingredients and emollients. This new gentle, alcohol free, fragrance free, foaming formula leaves your hands free of any sticky residue and your skin soft, moisturized, and most importantly – germ free.


Alcohol-based gel hand sanitizers (62% Ethyl Alcohol) actually become less effective after only the third application. The reason: alcohol removes natural protective oils and dries out the skin as it evaporates, causing microscopic cracks and crevices. As the skin becomes drier and more damaged, dangerous germs remain trapped within the cracks and fissures.


Download: X3: Germ Attach Brochure


Comfort-Air®NxMD Reusable Respirator


comfort-airnx respirator
Want to stay safe AND be kind to the environment? Be like the cool kids and get a Dentec Safety respirator!


As we ring in the 2023, experts are warning for a difficult winter with the rise of influenza, RSV and respiratory illnesses overwhelming hospitals. The need for higher grade mask protection is a must for anyone in a high-risk setting. If you have a loved who is immunocompromised, a frontline worker or has an increased chance of exposure everyday i.e Healthcare professionals, EMS, Dental Professionals, Chiropractors, Teachers, etc. than seriously consider gifting them the NEW Comfort-AirNx®MD Reusable Respirator.


The Comfort-AirNx®MD is NIOSH approved N95 Elastomeric Respirator WITHOUT an exhalation valve that provides superior protection, enhanced comfort and is environmentally sustainable (available in white or black). It’s also sourced and manufactured in America! If you’re loved one is someone who suffers from face mask and acne from wearing disposable masks all day long, then this is the gift that will keep on giving. Loose fitting medical masks aren’t cutting it any longer, and transmission is happening. People are getting sick, and the impact of disposable masks and respirators is making the planet even sicker. It’s almost 2023 and Santa is all about sustainability and safety this year. So, stop spending money on disposables and stuff your stocking with the Comfort-AirNx®MD. Stop the Spread, Shop Now!


For more information on any of our products email to chat with one of our Safety Specialists.



Dentec Safety is a leading manufacturer and distributor of safety products in North America since 2004. Dentec Safety is dedicated to providing the highest quality safety products and solutions delivering enhanced value and comfort. Our expertise from decades of experience in Industrial Safety and our innovative design technologies have solidified us as thought leaders in the field. Protection and comfort are at the core of everything we do at Dentec. As a leading manufacturer of Safety Solutions, it is our mission to help organizations do the right thing, keep their employees safe and exceed Industry Health & Safety Standard.


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Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, announces that Dentec’s Sentec line now has a new replaceable foam insert that will add protection against dust and debris. Mr. Dente remarked, “this works well in construction for concrete cutting and dry wall sanding, fire fighters for smoke pollutants, farm workers working with animals and agricultural products and other applications for trades such as textile workers, cleaners, miners and bakers”.

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