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Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.

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Dentec Safety Specialists

New Design!

Lightweight and ultra-low profile, the Diskit® revolutionizes comfort and compatibility.

  • Lightweight - only 0.8 oz..
  • Ultra-low profile.
  • Crush-proof internal frame.
  • Low breathing resistance.
  • Multi-position connector.
  • Extended filter life*.
  • Available welding spark shield.

Dentec Safety Specialists

NIOSH Approved
Side by Side Test: Lower breathing resistance compared to 3M and MSA pancake filters:

Dentec Safety Specialists Diskit® Filter Breathing Resistance Test (PDF)

*Compared to pancake-style filters without internal frame.

About This Product

Light weight and ultra low-profile, the Diskit® P100 Filter from Dentec Safety revolutionizes wearer comfort and compatibility with other PPE.

The offset connector allows the filter to be positioned three different ways on the mask to maximize wearer visibility as well as compatibility with other PPE, such as safety glasses, goggles, face shields and welding helmets.

Only 5/8" thick, the Diskit® weighs just 0.8 oz, yet the rigid internal frame prevents crushing and extends filter life. Patented space plenums allow the filter media to evenly "load" to the edge, resulting in noticeably lower breathing resistance compared to standard filters.

Diskit® is compatible with Dentec Safety Comfort-Air® and Comfort-Ease Respirators.

Welding Application: Patented spark shield protects the filter from sparks and welding splatter.


10 pair per box (20 filters), 12 boxes per case (240 filters).

Dentec Safety Specialists    Dentec Safety Specialists

Dentec Safety Specialists

  Part No. Description Min. Order Case Qty.

Diskit® Filters

Dentec Safety Specialists DISKIT® P100. Dentec Safety Specialists P100 particulate filter, minimum 99.97% efficient protection against oil & non-oil particulates (10 pr/box). 1 10

Dentec Safety Specialists DISKIT® P100OV. Dentec Safety Specialists Diskit® P100OV - NIOSH approved for certain oil & non-oil based particles. DENTEC recommended for relief against nuisance levels* of organic vapors. DENTEC recommended for protection against ozone up to 10 times the OSHA PEL. Not NIOSH certified for use against ozone. *Nuisance levels refers to concentrations that are less than the OSHA PEL or applicable governmental occupational exposure limits, whichever is lower. Do not use for respiratory protection against organic vapors. 1 10

Diskit® Accessories

Dentec Safety Specialists 14885 Dentec Safety Specialists Sparkshield Cover for Diskit® (1pr). 6 6

Dentec Safety Specialists 14890 Dentec Safety Specialists Diskit® Adapter (10 pr/box). 1 10

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