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Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.

Dentec Safety Accessories

Dentec Safety Specialists - RespiratorFit Test Kits

IAA, Bitrex or TSI Portacounts test kits are available.

Part No. Description Min. Order Case Qty.

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79200 Fit Test Kit, TSI Portacount, includes Adapter, Clips, Tubing, Suction Cups and (2) P100 Filters. 1 2

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79215 100 Suction Cups, 100 Clips, 50' of Tubing. 1 1

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79210 Adapter Only, TSI Portacount. 1 4

OHD Fit Test Adapter for Comfort-Air Series Full And Half Face Masks

Please contact OHD for pricing and delivery https://ohdusa.com/fit-test-adapter/.


  1. Prop open or remove the inhalation valve on the mask side that will contain the adapter with two connections.
  2. Push and twist-to-lock both adapter pieces onto each side of the mask in place of the cartridge/filter. The side with the double connections must have the inhalation valve propped open or removed.
  3. Connect the clear tubes to the two-connector side and the blue tube to the single connector side (Fig. 2).
  4. Perform fit test.


  1. The adapters should be handled with care so as not to create damage that might interfere with testing.
  2. Periodically check the metal hose connectors to be sure they are secure.
  3. If the diaphragm should leak on the single-port side of the adapter, remove 8 screws on top, carefully line up new diaphragm, screw in the screws loosely. Tighten opposite sides until all are secure.
  4. Adapters may be cleaned with soapy water and soft cloth.

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79260 Fit Test Kit, Bitrex, includes fit test hood, nebulizer #1, nebulizer #2, sensitivity solution, fit test solution, two sets of replacement nebulizer inserts. 1 2

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79261 Replacement Fit Test bitrex ampules 2.5cc. 1 1

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79262 Replacement Fit Test sensitivity ampules 2.5cc. 1 1

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79263 Test hood. 1 2

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79240 Fit Test Kit, IAA, includes Banana Oil, (2) OV Cartridges, Instructions. 1 6

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 79241 Replacement Banana Oil, (1) 3.5 oz. bottle. 1 2

Dentec Safety Specialists - Respirator 706200 Qualitative Fit Test Ampules - Banana Oil (IAA) (box of 10). 1 100

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