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Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.


Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused great stress on the supply of disposable respirators and it is getting worse by the day. Inventory is being diverted to China and other countries to protect the first responders and caregivers. We do not know when the situation will normalize to the point that inventory for the regular use of disposable respirators will return. China extended the Chinese New Year to keep workers from travelling in hopes to contain the virus. They have also stopped the exports of disposable style respirators from leaving the country. As a result, inventory to supply the North American worker is a serious issue and will be for several months.

Workers that depend on disposable respirators are now at risk because they are unable to get sufficient and continuous supply of disposable respirators to protect them in the workplace. We received a call today at our office from a construction company that was doing work and they could not find any N95 disposable respirators anywhere. They were going to have to stop work as they could not continue the work unprotected. Dentec Safety was able to offer our alternative respirator solution to keep North American employees working and protected by using our half mask and N95 replacement filter solution!

And believe it or not:

Wearing any one of our rubber half masks either silicone, thermoplastic or elastomeric, will provide significantly more comfort than wearing a disposable style respirator. Using our replacement N95 filter pad solution will also save you money.

Remember that we, at Dentec Safety, manufacture these products in our facility in Lenexa, Kansas. As such, the delivery of product is not extended as they are for disposable respirators that are manufactured in China. We have ramped up our production and raw material supply to increase our capacity. We will do our best to allocate inventory, however we will have to do so on a first-in-first-out basis.

Here are the products we can offer to keep you working and protected:

Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.