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Thermo Cool

Recommended for applications where workers are exposed to hot, humid conditions both indoors and outdoors. Available in many styles including bandanas', ties, vests, and hard hat inserts.

Also see our Thermo-Heat winter liner products, featuring the popular Hot Hands & Toastie Toes Heating Packs

Qwik Cooler Head & Neck Wraps   

  • After hydration, simply wrap around forehead or neck for hours of cooling relief.
  • Qwik Cooler Tie style, simply wrap around forehead or neck and tie to provide secure fit.
  • Qwik Cooler Velcro style, simply wrap around forehead or neck and attach velcro to provide a secure fit and eliminates material from dangling.

Qwik Coole Wrist Wrap   

  • Cooling the wrists during strenuous work and exercise helps maintain normal body temperatures.
  • Wrist-wrap is designed to cool the vital pulse points of the wrist resulting in enhanced responsiveness and performance.

Qwik Cooler Bandana Doo-Rag   

  • After hydration, simply wrap around head for hours of cooling relief.
  • Well suited for applications that do not require head protection such as hard hats.
  • May be worn under welding helmets and grinding shield headgear.

Cooling Cap   

  • After hydration, simply the cap on your head for hours of cooling relief.
  • This Cooling Cap is designed to cool and shield you from intense heat. It can be worn alone or under a hard hat, firefighter's helmet or welder's hood.
  • 1050040CC Navy blue Proban FR 7A flame resistant.

Superior Plus Hard Hat Sweatband   

  • Prevents perspiration from reaching your eyes, goggles or glasses.
  • Its wicking action pulls perspiration away from your skin while keeping you cool.
  • Attaches easily to hard hats, sport helmets, face-shield headgear with velcro strip.

Qwik Cooler Hard Hat Pads   

  • Fits into any hard hat suspension system with velcro attachments.
  • When hydrated, it keeps you cool for hours.

Hard Hat Pads With Neck Shade   

  • Fits into any hard hat suspension system with velcro attachments.
  • When hydrated, keeps you cool for hours.
  • Neck shade made of lightweight cotton that will block up to 99% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Keeps you cool and protects your neck from sun burn leading to skin cancer.

Qwik Cooler Vests   

  • Completely submerg the vest in water for 5 minutes to hydrate. Will take on water temperature
  • Ideal for intense heat conditions to keep body temperature down.
  • Available in Sizes: SML, XL & 2XL


Qwik Cooler Vests With Pad Inserts   

  • Hydrate the Qwik Coolers Insert Pads and slip into pockets located on the front and back of the vest for hours of cooling relief.
  • You may freeze after hydration for additional cooling effect, however, do not place frozen Qwik Cooler products directly to your skin.
  • Flame resistant vest material ideal for welding, foundry, metal grinding applications. Made of flame resistant proban FR 7A Material.
  • Split shoulder velcro adjustment allows for additional fitting capabilities.
  • XL


Cool Zone Phase Change Vest   

Anatomically Designed Cooling Vest

  • Allows full range of motion for both male and female body types. Fully adjustable.
  • Fits under SCBA's, welding jackets, fire fighting, clothing, totally encapsulated suits and other non-breathable clothing.
  • Pockets strategically located in front and back of vest to provide optimal cooling effect with the least amount of interference in mobility.

Vest Made of Fire Retardent Banox® Material.

  • Will not support combustion.
  • Ideal for welding, grinding of material or where there is exposure to flame or sparks.
  • Dielectric and approved for use in Nuclear Power (DOE) facilities.

Unipack Phase Change Bladders

  • Requires only 20 - 30 minutes of charge in ice and water or freezer.
  • Will maintain a constant temperature of 12°C/53°F for a period of 4 - 5 hours.
  • When inserted into vest, weighs only 4lbs. for standard size & 6.2lbs. for large size.
  • Helps to keep body temperature down when working in applications where exposure to intense heat for prolonged periods of time exists.


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