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Dentec Safety Specialists, Inc.

Hydroguard® XP

Introducing HydroGuard® XP, the next wave of ASSE 1071 listed valves with more features, a simplified design and greater bypass flows. Four new and completely re-engineered valves meet a broad range of capacity requirements.

Optimus™Engineered with Performance and Safety in Mind

  1. Lockable, vandal-resistant temperature adjustment with high temperature limit stop is factory set at 85°F.
  2. Advanced paraffin actuation technology responds quickly to changes in water temperature.
  3. Booster funnel channels water directly around paraffin actuator to improve response time and provide greater low flow control.
  4. Patented internal bypass allows cold-water flow in the event of hot water failure.
  5. Corrosion resistant internals resist seizing or sticking in harsh water conditions, ensuring safe and consistent valve performance after extended periods of down time.
  6. Triple-duty check stops prevent cross flow, provide valve isolation for repair and include screens to filter out debris.

Available Models & Specs

Connections (NPT)

19TM-150-11: 1/2" inlets, 1/2" outlet
19TM-200-13: 3/4" inlets, 1" outlet
19TM-400-15: 1-1/4" inlets, 1-1/2" outlet
19TM-500: 2" inlets, 2" outlet
Maximum Operating Pressure: 125psi (861 kPa)
Maximum Hot Water Temperature: 180°F (82°C)
Temperature Adjustment Range: 60 - 95°F (15 - 35°C)
Factory Set Temperature*: 85°F (29°C)

Flow Rate at 30psid*

19TM-150-11: 8.7 gpm (32.9 lpm)
19TM-200-13: 32.9 gpm (124.5 lpm)
19TM-400-15: 83.2 gpm (315.0 lpm)
19TM-500: 119.4 gpm (452 lpm)

Bypass Flow Rate at 30psid*

19TM-150-11: 6.5 gpm (25 lpm)
19TM-200-13: 30 gpm (114 lpm)
19TM-400-15: 50 gpm (189 lpm)
19TM-500: 81 gpm (307 lpm)
Maximum Flow with Cold Water: 0.5 gpm (1.9 lpm)
Listing: ASSE 1071
* When tested under conditions specified in ASSE 1071 Standard

ASSE 1071 Listed!

The HydroGuard XP series valves meet the stringent performance requirements ofASSE 1071, "Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves for Plumbed Emergency Equipment". The XP series carries the coveted ASSE seal. They are designed to deliver tepid (lukewarm) water to eye/face wash, drench shower and combination fixtures.

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